hi! I'm marie...

An artistic spirit, I was born and raised in south Louisiana, a state deeply rooted in history, culture and the arts. From a young age I felt compelled to create - finding inspiration in my experiences, my family and my surroundings. Creativity blossomed into a career in landscape architecture, where even the tiniest, hand-sketched idea can become construction drawings that eventually bloom into built elements that add beauty and functionality to our environment. 

Privately, I continue to funnel my creativity into an art form for which I have developed a deep passion, the art of tying knots. Macramé is a type of textile art that is created through different knotting techniques repeated to create unique designs. What stands out to me about macramé is that it is creates intricate objects with the use of the simplest materials like cotton string or twine, knotted together to form something new and beautiful. 

As a resident of Charleston for six years, I have found the city to be full of creatives who use their life experiences and personal histories to bring a wide array of art to the public.  My hope is that through my art, I can add value and, perhaps, something new to this community and my customers. 

macramade by marie welcomes the opportunity to collaborate and create something beautiful and uniquely for you. 

Thank you for visiting and your support of local artists!